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Our cross-border service and extensive experience will guarantee
a professional service.

Our experience

UOur team consists of dedicated and flexible employees, who will respectively
the accommodations always fully support you.

Count on us

REN-Service GmbH & Co. KG
Mainstr. 58 47051 Duisburg
Tel. Nr.: 0203 / 93 555 9- 0
Fax Nr.: 0203 / 93 555 9- 21

REN-Service stands for competence, reliability and easy care.

  • Over 10 years experience
  • care responsibly
  • complete support
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REN Service

stands for competence, reliability and easy care.


A high priority of REN Service is finding a comfortable retreat for employees and abroad workers - most of which are europe-wide and far away from their families for a longer period of time...



REN Service has successfully supported its customers, inter alia with the following major projects, in finding a suitable accommodation: RWE Kraftwerk Neurath Blöcke F/G Siemens BFG Projekt-Kessel...

Über uns


Founded in 2005, REN Service made it a commitment, to support companies europe-wide in the proper accommodation of their staff and installation teams...